DMAS to Increase Recurring Income

Puradelta Lestari Tbk (DMAS), an integrated area developer of Kota Deltamas, will increase its recurring income from five to about ten percent to the company’s revenue this year. The management of the area and investment property is the catalyst of this growth.

Tondy Suwanto, Director of DMAS, said that recurring income from the management of area derives from clean water, waste water and maintenance fee. Revenues from this business segment are expected to increase as the number of tenants operating in Kota Deltamas grows.

“The contribution of recurring income will continue to increase along with the increasing industrial activity in Kota Deltamas. Two large-scale automotive companies start operating in our industrial area,” said Tondy.

Two leading automotive companies, SAIC GM Wuling and Mitsubishi, has started their operations in Kota Deltamas this year. SAIC GM Wuling occupies 60 hectares of land purchased in 2015 while Mitsubishi occupies 51 hectares of land purchased in the same year. Mitsubishi plant began its operations in April 2017 while SAIC GM Wuling’s
has been operated since last July.

DMAS also builds investment properties, such as serviced apartments and rental factories. Serviced apartment, Le Premier operating since 2016 with a capacity of 126 units has been completely rented out. “The demand is very high, especially from expatriates who are working in the industrial area of Kota Deltamas and Cikarang,” said
Tondy. The rental factories have also been completely rented out.

The development of industrial activity and the growth of working population affects the development of commercial and residential areas. “Recurring income will also continue to increase along with the development of commercial and residential areas,” added Tondy. (*)

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