MIKA Declines 4.3%
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MIKA Declines 4.3%

Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat Tbk (MIKA) fell 4.3 percent to IDR 2,020 in the first trading session on Monday (11/9). The case of the death of baby Tiara Debora Simanjorang at Mitra Keluarga Kalideres Hospital became negative sentiment for the company.

MIKA had dropped 7.6 percent and hit its lowest level since July 21, 2017 in early trading.

Tiara Debora who was four months old brought her parents to Mitra Keluarga Kalideres Hospital on Sunday (3/9) morning due to shortness of breath. Deborah was treated in the ER but recommended to move to PICU (Perinatal Intensive Care Unit) room due to her worsening condition.

According to Debora’s parents, her daughter could not enter PICU because they could not afford IDR 19.8 million in advance. Debora eventually passed away before being transferred to Koja Hospital who received Health BPJS. This case became viral in social media and concern for many parties.

The meeting between Jakarta Health Agency (Dinkes) with the management and staff on Monday morning concluded that the hospital did negligence. The hospital asked the patient’s family to find a referral hospital that receives BPJS when it should be done by the hospital.

In a press release, the hospital stated that it has undertaken saving action in the form of sputum suction, intubation, oxygen pumping through bagging, and nebulizer. Post-treatment, the patient’s condition improved although still very critical.

The patient’s condition has been submitted to the patient’s mother and is recommended for further treatment in the ICU. She took care of the administration and was explained about the inpatient ward and expressed an objection due to her financial condition.

Doctors offer patients to go to BPJS Hospitals. By the time the ER doctor called Koja Hospital doctor, the patient’s condition suddenly worsened. After resuscitation for 20 minutes, the patient’s life could not be saved. (*)

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