TLKM to Accelerate Telkom 4 Completion

TLKM to Accelerate Telkom 4 Completion

Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (TLKM) said Telkom 4 satellite could be completed two months ahead of the schedule. However, TLKM must coordinate with the satellite launch company in order to accelerate the launch.

In a meeting with Space Systems Loral (SSL), the company that built Telkom 4, TLKM was informed that the satellite could be completed sooner. “There is a margin that 60 days faster but since the satellite manufacturer is different from the launcher, we will discuss whether the launcher can accelerate or not,” said Alex Sinaga,
President Director of TLKM.

SpaceX is a United States (US) company that will launch Telkom 4 into orbit. Based on the contract, Telkom 4 satellite will be launched in August 2018. If the launch schedule can be advanced, the satellite can go to orbit by May or June 2018.

Telkom 4 will replace Telkom 1 satellite. Alex said the company can still communicate with Telkom 1 through Control Center in Cibinong, Bogor. However, based on an investigation by Lockheed Martin as the producer of Telkom 1, TLKM is advised to shut down the satellite because the damage cannot be repaired.

Damage can cause disruption of very small aperture terminal (VSAT) services for 15,019 customer sites. The service has been restored on September 10, 2017, by transferring customer transponders and repointing to Telkom 2, Telkom 3S, Upstar and other satellites. Some sites are transferred their connectivity to fiber optics and machine to machine (M2M).

On Tuesday (12/9), TLKM rose 0.21 percent to IDR 4,720. (*)

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