Bonlight Mortgages ROTI
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Bonlight Mortgages ROTI

Bonlight Investments Limited, an investment company listed in the British Virgin Islands, mortgaged 375 million shares of Nippon Indosari Corpindo Tbk (ROTI). The repo transaction value reached IDR 478.12 billion.

Wendy Sui Cheng Yap, Director of Bonlight, said Bonlights ownership is equivalent to 7.41 percent of ROTI shares. Before repo transactions were conducted, the ownership in ROTI reached 1.29 billion shares or 25.44 percent.

“After the repo transaction, Bonlight as one of the founders of ROTI still retains ownership of 18.03 percent,” said Yap. Bonlights did not mention to whom the shares are mortgaged. However, the company admits that it is still committed to maintain long-term investment and support the performance of ROTI.

On Thursday (28/9), ROTI remained stagnant at IDR 1,245. (*)

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