Financial Advisory

ASCEND offers services and strategic advice for restructuring of companies and maximizing owner benefits, including financial and structural problems. We seek to maintain long term relationships with the companies and investors with whom we work, and stay involved over many phases of a company's life cycle. Our experienced team has extensive business knowledge and compliance know-how along with access to information and database that will allow your company to emerge financially and strategically stronger.

Financial Communication

With our wide network of institutional investors, analysts and financial journalists, ASCEND can provide you with strategic and cost-effective Investor Relations and media relations program. Our strategically crafted media stories can help you articulate your successes and corporate information with a high degree of credibility. We distribute your report and press releases to our network of retail investors, fund managers, brokers, market makers, and newsletter contacts. We will also distribute the information to our smaller "personal" network; sophisticated investors who are vital and integral in attaining and maximizing your company's true and fair value.

Investor Relations

ASCEND can help you manage your stock price to attain the true and fair value of your company. We can help you deal with your stock liquidity and attract more capital to your company through our strategic programs. We help you develop and maximize a strong investor base, and gain more investment appeal and appreciation from investors, the capital market community and financial media.


ASCEND provides an independent source of in-depth information on, and analysis of, the financial and stock markets where investment funds, individual investors, financial institutions, corporations, and governments are all stakeholders. We deliver measurable results and intelligent inputs. ASCEND's research and analysis that provides you with a superior flow of information and understanding of these markets, allowing you to make more informed business and investment decisions.


ASCEND can help you reinforce your positioning in the capital market, design your Investor Relations program and train your people on how to execute them. We can perform comprehensive systems overviews, highlighting where efficiencies and improvements can be made and where risks exist that ought to be mitigated. We provide realistic and achievable recommendations that will improve your business if implemented. We have a qualified team of professionals able to devise training solutions specifically tailored to your needs.

Annual Report Production

As a leading company in Investor Relations, we understand capital market perspectives. We have a solid competence on financial analysis which helps in the writing of a powerful annual report. We help companies create annual reports that communicates unrivaled perspectives to the stakeholders and the capital market. From design, copywriting to printing, we facilitate the production of high quality annual reports that tells of your success stories and future progress. Our methodology is proven to have the optimal coordination of strategic, financial, GCG operations and market analysis aspects of yoir company. Our team of analysts, writers, grahic designers and photographers are ready to provide you with A-Z services.

Web Content Management

ASCEND will ensure that all stakeholders of your company are kept in the loop by constantly updating online tools such as your corporate website. We will analyze and evaluate your online tools and guide you in optimizing one of our powerful tools to reach your market and stakeholders. You will have unlimited access to our database which allows your company to disseminate new information and keep investors continually updated on company events and business ventures.